What is Ford AdvanceTrac?

What is Ford AdvanceTrac? You can never predict what the exact road conditions will be when you head out for a drive in Raleigh, NC. Your pathway could be filled with ice and snow during the winter, or gravel and dry pavement, making it difficult to drive through. You may even find that your vehicle is stuck due to harsh road conditions.

Ford AdvanceTrac will help you overcome complications arising from such situations. It’s an electronic stability system that helps with navigation through harsh road conditions, including gravel, ice, dry pavement, and snow. It has control features that help to increase vehicle stability as well as traction. It functions as a better braking system as the increase in friction boosts its capacity to stop, even when you’re driving on slippery roads. There are small gyroscopic sensors on vehicles equipped with Ford AdvanceTrac. These sensors record vehicle stability 150 times per second, and if they detect any instability in the form of oversteering, wheel slippage, or understeering, brake pressure will be applied to lower the full engine power.

Such adjustments help to keep the vehicle on its intended path and under the control of the driver, without any negative consequences of the harsh terrain. The brake pressure is applied to either 1 or more than 1 wheel, depending on what the system deems necessary to keep the vehicle under control. 

This technology requires no activation as it’s already installed in your Ford vehicle and will detect even minute movements of your vehicle. Especially during some weather conditions, it’s difficult to get visibility on the condition of the road, which increases the likelihood of accidents occurring. In such situations, this electronic stability system will come in handy to ensure that you’re still protected.

Other traction and control features that are available on Ford models equipped with AdvanceTrac are:

  • Traction sway control
  • Traction control
  • Intelligent 4WD
  • Hill-start assist
  • Hill descent control 
  • Terrain management system 

Ford AdvanceTrac has revolutionized the meaning of driver assistance technology and safety features and allows for a drive that’s free of stress. The Ford models that come equipped with this technology are:

Ford FusionFord Expedition

Ford F-150 Super Duty

Ford FocusFord Transit
Ford C-MaxFord EdgeFord TransitFord FlexFord Fiesta

To know more about Ford AdvanceTrac, visit our Capital Ford Raleigh dealership in Raleigh, NC. 

Source: Ford