What is Ford AdvanceTrac? You can never predict what the exact road conditions will be when you head out for a drive in Raleigh, NC. Your pathway could be filled with ice and snow during the winter, or gravel and dry pavement, making it difficult to drive through. You may even find that your vehicle is stuck due to harsh road conditions.

Ford AdvanceTrac will help you overcome complications arising from such situations. Its an electronic stability system that helps with navigation through harsh road conditions, including...continue reading

Used Ford vehicles can help you experience quality standards that Ford is known for while costing you lesser than a new Ford vehicle would. Used cars, however, may not offer all of the benefits that Ford CPO vehicles do. 

There are many benefits to buying a Ford CPO vehicle. Every Ford CPO vehicle is required to pass stringent quality checks, including a 172 point inspection. The model needs to be less than 6 years old and have under 80000 miles on the vehicles odometer.

There are also...continue reading

Pick-up trucks like Ford F-150, now morphed into luxury machines, shouldnt make you question their towing capacity. They are as sturdy and hardy as ever, powered by the impressive twin-turbo V-6, and not the red-blooded V-8. The twin-turbo V-6 engines offer better fuel economy than V-8. 

Towing Capacity
The towing capacity of a pick-up truck can be influenced by several variables. Some of these major variables include the cargo weight and the weight of the vehicle, but the most important factor remains the...continue reading

Ford has many SUVs in its line-up. The Escape and the Edge might be less popular than their Explorer counterpart, but theyre still competitive players in the SUV market. If youre considering an SUV in Raleigh, youre likely caught up in the Ford Edge vs Escape argument. Which one should you select? The decision lies in the details. Small details separate these two worthy models.

Listed below, is a Ford Edge vs Escape comparison in detail:


The Ford Edge features interiors from previous models with the exception...continue reading

Ford launched the Ford Bronco in the year 1965. The Bronco was inspired by the Ford F-series pickup truck with features like four-wheel drive powertrains. The production of Bronco was discontinued in the year 1996 due to dismal sales figures.

The Return of Bronco

Ford has been talking about the return of Bronco for some time now. Ford has also launched a new logo for Bronco. The internet is abuzz with leaked pictures of the 2021 Ford Bronco. The styling of the vehicle seems to be based on the original Bronco. It is speculated...continue reading