FordPass Rewards Overview

Ever since Ford released its FordPass rewards system, Capital Ford Raleigh in Raleigh, NC has been swamped with questions, and they’re happy to answer. Ford is always trying to reward its customers. As if manufacturing durable and reliable cars wasn’t enough, they then introduced their FordPass program. So how does or could this rewards scheme benefit you? Let’s break it down. 

What is the FordPass?

Believe it or not, this rewards system is actually an interactive mobile application. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Through the app, you can find and pay for parking even before you arrive at your destination. It’s also an easy way to connect to roadside assistance should the need arise. Since the app is interactive, you can ask questions and seek answers. 

Using FordPass, you can remotely control your vehicle, unlock and start it, or check the fuel and fluid levels. The app also lets you set up service reminders or check your maintenance history. On the topic of fuel, if you need it, the app will help you locate deals and lower prices according to specific brands and fuel grade. 


If everything mentioned above wasn’t enough, Ford will even reward you for simple tasks, like setting up your profile. The rewards you earn through the app will be put towards perks such as: 

A complimentary maintenance

Car accessories 

Your new vehicle 

Discounts on parts and services

Access to exclusive deals and notifications about special events 

The best part about the FordPass is that it’s inexpensive, and you automatically get 42,000 points when you sign up and connect it to your new vehicle. These points can get you a lot – roughly three oil changes and three air filter replacements. For pre-owned vehicles, registering on the app will get you 11,000 points immediately.

If you’re in Raleigh and looking to buy or lease a Ford, head over to Capital Ford Raleigh. We can give you more information on the FordPass rewards program. Our staff served many happy customers in and around Hope Valley, Brandemere, and Northeast Raleigh and would be happy to help you, too. Call us to book an appointment or visit us in-store. 

Source: Pexels