Buy vs Lease: Ford F-150

If you’re in Raleigh, NC, we at Capital Ford Raleigh can help you decide whether renting or buying a Ford F-150 is the right choice. Here are a few things to consider before you head into their store.

Buying the Ford

Definitely the more expensive option, but less restrictive for some. When you buy a car like the Ford F-150, you can drive it as much as you want. You can also save more money overall after an initially hefty investment. 

Buying will give you the option to customize and personalize your vehicle in whichever way you desire. When the time comes, you could trade it in if you’re craving for an upgraded model.

It’s good to note that the Ford F-150 is extremely durable and has an excellent resale value. So the odds are that you’d fetch a good price for it. 

If you’re someone who likes to own and personalize your four-wheeler, you should definitely consider purchasing the F-150. In addition to this, it might help to take into account the fact that you would pay for your own repairs once the warranty has expired. 

Leasing the F-150 

When you lease, you pay. The monthly payments are reduced, but they are continuous until you stop leasing. However, there is hardly any downpayment, and the monthly expenditure is lower. If you’re smart, you can avoid paying for repairs too. Furthermore, a shorter lease period means your car will always be under warranty.

A standard lease agreement lasts for a minimum of 24 months or 36 months. This means you could have a new model practically all the time. If that’s what you like, and the F-150 is your new favorite, then leasing would be beneficial. You should remember, though, that there are mileage and damage restrictions with leasing. After this point, you are liable to pay for the excess. 

Don’t forget the mileage restrictions when leasing. If you aren’t someone who travels over 15,000 miles a year, then you could easily lease the F-150. 

There are a number of happy customers in Northeast Raleigh, Hope Valley, Brandemere and more who visited Capital Ford Raleigh to hear about their buying options and Ford lease deals. If you’re interested in buying or leasing the Ford F-150, you should give them a call to learn more. 

Source: Capital Ford