The Future is Now with FordPass™

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The Future is Now with FordPass™

Once upon a time you needed a key to get into your new car. That soon turned into a remote that can unlock and lock your vehicle. Then push to start, and auto start and long gone are the days where the only way you could get into a new car is with the turn of a key. So what could possibly be next? At Ford the future is happening now with FordPass™ . Use your Android or Apple* smartphone device to download the FordPass™ app to use with any 2017 Ford Fusion, 2017 Ford Escape and 2017 Ford F-150 that has SYNC Connect**.

The FordPass™ app can lock, unlock, and locate your vehicle from anywhere, at anytime. No more waiting for the car to defrost in the mornings, you can even use the app to schedule when you would like the car to automatically start. And that is just the beginning of what this app is capable of, check your gas levels or odometer, remember where you parked and so much more. No need to wait for the future to get the newest technology because at Ford it is available NOW! Come to Capital Ford in Raleigh to see the newest technology Ford has to offer.

* FordPass™, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a free download. Message and data rates may apply.

** SYNC® Connect, an optional feature on select 2017 model year vehicles, is required for certain features.

Source: Ford