2020 Ford Explorer | Model Highlights

The wait for the 2020 Ford Explorer is finally over in Raleigh, NC. Though the 2020 Ford Explorer release date is still not set in stone, you can expect to see it at dealerships by June or July. This vehicle is the perfect combination of comfort, ruggedness, and handling. It is made for the urban adventurer. 

2020 Ford Explorer XLT

Seating 7 people and boasting a tuned-up engine, better braking, and a more intuitive display, the 2020 Ford Explorer XLT is an economic model that goes easy on the pocket and is very well suited for long commutes as well as off-roading.

2020 Ford Explorer Limited

This model is a more aesthetically inclined one and is thus better suited for those who wish to exclusively own a vehicle for long commutes. It can further seat 6 people and not seven. However, its excellent leather seats with accent stitching and its silver mesh insert are but a few of its aesthetic advantages over the Explorer. The 'Limited' has quite a bit of style. The Limited is also the only model in this class to have a Hybrid version, for the eco-conscious driver.

2020 Ford Explorer ST

This is the first of the 'high end' models of the Explorer and commands a much more powerful engine than either the ST or the Limited. Coming in at 365 HP, it is nonetheless conscientious of its fuel consumption and is an ideal companion for rugged terrains. It can seat 6 people and has a hands-free power liftgate. Its excellent safety systems also have an incorporated tow package.

2020 Ford Explorer Platinum

The very best in class, performance, technology as well as handling is the 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum. Though it is the most expensive model in the bunch, it is well worth it. It seats seven people, unlike the ST. It shares multiple features of performance and safety with the ST itself, but like with the comparisons of the XLT and Limited, here too the Platinum carries itself with much more style than the ST.

For more information on the stylish new 2020 Ford Explorer, head on over to the Capital Ford Raleigh dealership in Raleigh, NC, which also serves the nearby towns of Northeast Raleigh, Hope Valley, and Brandemere. Don’t forget to check out the exciting new Ford Explorer lease deals!

Source: Ford