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2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty | Capital Ford Raleigh

If you are looking for a commercial vehicle that brings in unmatched power, strength, and capability; that gets your work done without breaking a sweat, then the 2019 Ford F250 is the car you should go for. This car is the “Highest Ranked Large Heavy-Duty Pickup in Initial Quality” as named by J.D. Power. This makes the 2019 Ford F250 a popular choice when it comes to pickup trucks.

What’s new in the 2019 Ford F250? One of the biggest design changes that has been incorporated in the 2019 Ford F250 is a lighter body and a stronger frame. Ford has cut the weight of the previous Ford F250 and has built the body of the 2019 Ford Super Duty using military grade, high-strength, aluminum alloy. It has also created a stronger, more durable steel frame and upgraded the chassis components with the same material. As a result, the 2019 Ford 250 is now lighter and more durable which makes it the perfect work partner and crew member at heavy duty work sites and on rugged terrains. Key features of the 2019 Ford F250 Although the 2019 Ford F250 packs in a world of features and benefits, its Transmission TorqShift®, the SYNC® technology, 6.2 liters Flex-Fuel V8, and the 6-speed SelectShift™ Automatic gears need special mention. The big and strong gears of the Ford 250 are extremely easy to maneuver thanks to the Ford TorqShift® Automatic 6-speed gear. It also makes handling the heavy torque requirements of the gas engine and turbo diesel seem less like a task. The SelectShift™ feature offers Progressive Range Select and option of full manual. This feature also helps reduce gear hunting, uphill and downhill, thus reducing the pressure on brakes to slow the vehicle down. The SYNC® feature lets you pair up your phone using Bluetooth, allowing you to wirelessly control entertainment and access calls using voice commands and even have incoming messages read aloud to you. Finally, the matchless 6.2 liters Flex-Fuel V8 is the only engine you need that can shoulder the 430-foot pounds of torque force that comes with this car.

High-powered, strong, and attractive, the 2019 Ford F250 has everything that you could ask for in a commercial pickup truck and maybe more.

Source: Ford