Buckle Up! Ford Ranger’s Smart Seatbelt Technology

 Ford Ranger

Buckle Up! Ford Ranger’s Smart Seatbelt Technology

Safety technologies for vehicles have advanced by a large magnitude in the last decade. With more drivers on the road each day, it becomes all the more important to ensure safety and security. No matter the number of driver assistance technologies, every passenger is responsible for their own safety. One of the best ways to personally ensure this is by wearing your seatbelt. The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger has come out with a seatbelt technology that is designed to ensure utmost safety to the driver and all the passengers.

What is Smart Seatbelt technology?
The 2019 Ford Ranger has released a Smart Seatbelt technology that will ensure that you are appropriately buckled. Firstly, the system alerts the driver and passengers to fasten up when they enter the car. Later on, during the drive, if any passenger unbuckles their seatbelt, the driver is alerted of this. The driver takes a look at the infotainment screen that will displays which seat’s belt has been unbuckled. The driver can then remind the passenger to buckle up once again.

The exciting feature about this innovation is that the driver is alerted whenever the car is in motion and not just when you are about to drive off. Unlike other vehicles, the technology detects both the front and rear seats, and the driver is alerted of the exact seat where the seatbelt has been unbuckled.

How does it work?
The 2019 Ford Ranger is equipped with sensors that are scattered all around the cabin of the vehicle. When the sensor detects any seatbelt being unbuckled, the driver is informed of the same. The sensors can also identify when the car is parked, so the technology will not warn the driver to buckle up when stationary. When people are driving with children, it becomes difficult to monitor the back seat at all times. Kids may unknowingly take off the seat belt and not remember to put it back on. With the help of this technology, parents can know when their child has not buckled up. Children can also be taught about the importance of a seatbelt early on.