The Privilege of Partnership. Exclusive Pricing.
Exceptionally Simple.

Exclusive Pricing

Your Partner Buying Program price is established before you visit the dealership so you don't have to negotiate.

Exceptionally Simple

Your Partner Buying Program price is clearly marked on the vehicle invoice. Just ask your dealer to show you.

Great Value

To thank valued Partners like you, these exclusive savings are available in addition to most other publicly offered programs.


  • Same pricing as Ford Motor Company partners
  • Lower fees
  • One on one service
  • We can help with any make and any model of car

How to participate:

  1. Obtain your organization's Partner Code (see below)
  2. Visit a participating dealer, identify yourself as a Capital Ford Partner Buying Program participant to confirm eligibility.
  3. Provide proof of employment or organization membership (I.D. card, pay-stub, W-2 form or health care card)
  4. Select a Partner Buying Program eligible vehicle and ask for a copy of the invoice to confirm Partner Buying Program pricing.

Additional Details:

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4900 Capital Boulevard

Raleigh, NC 27616

Direct: 919-501-4288 Cell: 919-337-3301 Fax: 919-790-4668