When your vehicle has been serviced by a Capital dealership and a copy of that Repair Order has been provided to you showing the use of BG Products. The service included an oil and filter change with a BG Product added and a BG transmission service. The use of BG Products allows Capital to offer this Protection Plan through BG Products, Inc. This Protection Plan is separate from, and does not extend the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. This Protection Plan will take effect only after the OEM warranty expires. However, this plan will pay the deductible amount paid by you under any extended service contract purchased by you which covers such a claim. It is subject to the terms and conditions contained herein. BG Products, Inc., through its Authorized Claims Administrator, agrees to repair or replace parts of the Engine, Fuel, Automatic Transmission or Manual Transmission/Transaxle Drive Line. 

What is Covered:

Payment of claims under this Protection Plan is limited to the labor time necessary to make repairs or to replace any irreparably damaged parts as allocated by Motor or Mitchell Flat Rate Guide or other industry accepted flat rate guide, multiplied by the commercial repair shop’s posted hourly rate, plus the reasonable cost of replaced parts of like kind and quality at the administrator’s discretion.

  • Engine: Pistons and Rings, Cam Shafts and Bearings, Turbo Bearings, Valve Lifters, Oil Pump, Wrist Pins and Bushings, Push Rods, Crankshaft and Bearings, Timing Chains, Timing Gears or Sprockets, Rods and Rod Bearings, Intake Valves and Guides, Cylinder Liners or Bores, Rocker Arms and Pivots, and Distributor Drive Gear.
  • Fuel (Gasoline Only): Oxygen Sensors, PVC, and Injectors (Deposit-related malfunctions only).
  • Automatic Transmission: Covers the transmission housing or case only when damaged by an internally lubricated part covered under this Protection Plan. Items not covered are leaking transmission seals and gaskets; electrical components, such as solenoids. Proper fluids meeting vehicle manufacturer’s specifications must be used.
  • Manual Transmission/Transaxle Drive Line: Covers only the lubricated parts contained within the transmission case. Items not covered are the case, flywheel, clutch plate, pressure plate, U-joints, CV joints and driveshaft unless damaged due to failure of covered parts.
  • Conditions and Exclusions:

    If the vehicle odometer has been changed or altered, or if odometer has ceased to function, coverage under the terms of this Protection Plan is not in effect. This Protection Plan covers only legally registered passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and pick-up trucks wit ha GVW of 9,500 pounds or less. Vehicles used for competitive purposes are excluded. If covered vehicle is used for towing a trailer or other object, the vehicle must be equipped with factory-installed tow package. Any claim resulting from collision, fire, theft, vandalism, contamination of fluids, acts of God, misuse, abuse, negligence, damaged caused by operation during component failure, lack of normal maintenance required by the manufacturer renders this Protection Plan null and void.

    Reimbursement Terms:

  • Plan 1: If the initial service was performed within 36,000 miles, Engine & Fuel shall not exceed $4,000; Automatic Transmission shall not exceed $2,000; and Manual Transmission shall not exceed $4,000.

  • Plan 2: If the initial service was performed between 36,001 – 75,000 miles, Engine & Fuel shall not exceed $2,000; Automatic Transmission shall not exceed $1,000; and Manual Transmission shall not exceed $2,000.
  • Maintenance Requirements:

    In order to keep your Lifetime Limited Powertrain Protection Plan valid, you must follow the maintenance procedures below:

  • This Protection Plan for Engine and Fuel will be continued by the performance of the BG Service with oil and filter change (Better Oil Change) within 5,000 miles of the previous service. From the date of your Protection Plan enrollment, the vehicle’s engine must be serviced only with the proper grade and weight of engine oil, recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Timing belt and air and oil filter must be replaced and emission control system maintained in accordance with vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • This Protection Plan for Transmissions will be continued by the performance of the proper BG Transmission Service within 30,000 miles of the previous service. One payable claim per service interval is permitted.
  • Capital dealerships are committed to ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained and will retain copies of your maintenance records in order to assure your compliance with maintenance record retention. Should you not return to a Capital dealership for all scheduled maintenance and repairs, it is your responsibility to retain all maintenance and repair records to assure eligibility of coverage of this Protection Plan. Failure to furnish all necessary records will render this Protection Plan null and void. All services must be performed by a licensed professional service center. A professional technician must perform an approved BG maintenance procedure using the proper BG products and equipment. You may not change your own oil.
  • Complimentary Oil Changes and Loyalty Discounts

    Customer’s first oil change is free and every fifth one is free. Customer must have service performed at Capital Ford of Raleigh. Oil change and every service consumer has performed is tracked using The Owner Advantage Program. Enrollment is free to the consumer and consumer must present the card at each visit. Additional discounts include 5% on parts and 5% on labor.

    Price Guarantee

    If you find a lower advertised price in North Carolina on the same-equipped new model within 48 hours of your ownership, just bring us the ad and we’ll refund you 110% of the price difference.